Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mother's day - UK

With Mother's Day (here in the UK) only a few days away, I have been busily making cards and small gifts for this most very important day.  Merchant Square Craft and Design Fair is where you'll find me with my wares!

A special request, for a special message, from a special little boy


Unfortunately my camera, which is only 2 years old, has developed a grey spot right smack in the centre of the lens, so depending on what I am photographing, the grey shadow appears like a mark on the subject (as you can see on the cards above).   Until I can persuade myself to pay yet more hundreds of pounds for my THIRD! Panasonic Lumix camera in 7 years - I will continue to try to work with the one I have.   Lumix compact cameras are great little cameras but this is the second time I have had bad luck with them.

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