Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mother's day - UK

With Mother's Day (here in the UK) only a few days away, I have been busily making cards and small gifts for this most important of celebrations.  I have been attending the Merchant Square Craft and Design Fair in Glasgow every weekend this month and will be there this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in case you have to pick up any last minute cards.  It has been known for (particularly men) to pick up their Mother's Day cards from me in Merchant Square en route to meeting their Mothers for lunch (20 minutes before meeting their Mother's for lunch!).  Now that's planning........

I have had fun making a variety of cards - examples of which are below:

A variation of the one above

A special request, for a special message, from a special little boy



Unfortunately my camera, which is only 2 years old, has developed a grey spot right smack in the centre of the lens, so depending on what I am photographing, the grey shadow appears like a mark on the subject (as you can see on the cards above) - the card are perfectly fine - promise!   Until I can persuade myself to pay yet more hundreds of pounds for my THIRD! Lumix camera in 7 years - I will continue to try to work with the one I have.   Lumix compact cameras are great little cameras but this is the second time I have had bad luck with them - my first had white (or paler grey than the mark on this one) blobs that appeared on the lens - and no amount of cleaning the lens can remove these marks.  The problems are on the inside and to even have someone open up the back to investigate - will cost £60 - before the cost of tackling the problem.

So we will continue to limp along together.

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