Saturday, 15 March 2014

Month of Letters - The allure of an old-fashioned pen pal

The Month of Letters Challenge has been picked up by the BBC.  It was nice to see this article on the online news on Friday.

I intended to take part in the Month of Letters Challenge again this year but I didn't quite make my target of writing a letter or note every single day in February (as I did last year) but I did at least make a start on my ever growing list of letter recipients.   Because of the upcoming celebration of  Mother's Day, at the end of this month,  Bella Bheag's card making has taken priority I'm afraid.  I will try to do better in in April! 
In fact, now that I am talking about it.... I feel the urge to write, so I must make time and write at least one letter today!
Make someone's day - write and send a note today (if not today, then soon)!  


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  1. Bella, I have indeed written and sent, and also received, some hand written notes and letter recently. There is nothing quite like this form of communication.

    I even like the ritual of going to the Post Office to see what new stamp designs might be available. I continue to think that UK stamps are much more well designed than ours over here in the States.

    Right now I have some stamps honoring Ray Charles, and some others that have flower images taken from vintage seed package designs.

    A very Happy Mothering Sunday to you, Bella. xo