Sunday, 16 February 2014

Merchant Square Craft Market - Glasgow

My letter writing isn't going too well so far this month.  Interrupted by my need to create stock of my hand made cards and other small things for a craft fair that I attend regularly - which I am leaving to attend this morning in fact(!) - my letter writing has come to a bit of a stand still.  But return to it I will!

Merchant Square is a terrific venue for a weekly craft market - right in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City - where you can sit and have a drink, or have a meal or just sit on one the benches to  read your Sunday newspapers - either before or after you browse the many stalls selling some beautiful handmade products.

All under cover - and as the catchy Merchant Square logo says - "where is never rains".  So a really nice place to pass a couple of hours (or only 10 mins if you are only happen to be passing through).

This is my table:

Being a bit of an incompetent where social media is concerned I have been encouraged to have a presence on Facebook if I want to increase awareness of my card making.  So below are a couple of pics recently posted on Facebook - here:

If you are on Facebook and would like to 'like' me, please feel free to do so.  As an early Facebooker I am a bit uncomfortable with asking to be 'liked' - it feels rather desperate in a rather "love me, love me" kind of way but apparently that's what counts - the more likes you get the more people become aware of you.  So we'll see....

Here are the Facebook pics:

So fingers crossed for more of these:

What are you doing this Sunday morning?



  1. Hello from New York to you Bella! Grand to see these views of your stand at Merchant've brought me some fine memories of my day (only one day...but lots of fine memories) in Glasgow.

    I very much like your creations...and agree with you about a certain facebook wariness, no matter what my friends tell me.

    I've got today off, and am happy to report that the sun is out...more snow due tomorrow, of course. I've been out to do some errands, seen the film Philomena, and now am home with a big mug of tea and my current knitting project. It's another warm hat for me, because I don't quite believe that warm springtime is really going to arrive soon.


  2. Greetings from New York, Bella.
    I noticed your comment on my friend Frances' blog.
    Hope all is well in Scotland -and it stays connected with England!