Saturday, 22 February 2014

A wee gift for Mother's Day - or just any day!

Today I have spent way too much time trying to come to terms with Facebook, Etsy and now Blogger.  So much so, that the more I have tried to achieve the less success I've had!

Anyway, below are some images of the wee mirrors I managed to add to my Etsy shop. 



  1. Hello:

    These look absolutely lovely! You must be so pleased and we, who as you possibly realise cannot even sew on a button, are in total awe.

    We do hope that you are surviving what we understand to be a dreadful winter. As for the techniques of modern technology.......!!

  2. These buttons are beautiful and could be used on so many things. They would look great on cushions or other soft furnishing, on jewellery and handbags and other accessories.
    They would look great in jewellery designs.
    I have also to compliment you on your photographs