Sunday, 1 April 2012

What the weather giveth - it taketh away!

Spring is definitely in the air.  Sunshine and blue skies mean it's the time of year when I can once again hang washing outside without risk of it being frozen solid by the time I bring it inside.

There's something very comforting in seeing bedding and bits billowing in the wind on a nice sunny day.

After the record breaking temperatures of the past week (23 degrees) see below the latest weather forecast for the UK.   Business as usual then.....

Weather warning - Sunday, 1 April

Rain will turn to snow as it moves south across Scotland through Monday and into Monday night, giving accumulations of 5-10 cm on hills with 2 to 5 cm at lower levels inland.

As the snow clears south into NE England during Tuesday morning, roads are likely to turn icy.

The public are advised to be aware of the risk of disruption to transport.

Valid from 1200 Monday until 0600 Tuesday.

Were you caught out by any April Fool spoofs today?   I heard it reported on the news on Radio 4 this morning that there are plans to insist that  pensioners take regular exercise otherwise their pensions will be stopped.   A bit lame but the only one that got my attention today.