Friday, 7 September 2012

Danny MacAskill - Cyclist Extraordinaire!

There has been much talk, deservedly so,  about the  success of the Scot, Chris Hoy and the British Olympic/Paralympic cycling teams - but there is one Scot who could probably be the gold medal Olympian of street trial cycling -  and that is Danny MacAskill - whose cycling skills both thrill and terrify me at the same time!

A few years ago a friend sent me a link to this cycling sensation on YouTube Inspired Bicycles

and although no great fan of cycling itself I do enjoy watching his exploits - even if I have to look away for part of the time!

I have noticed Danny's name appearing a few times in the press recently.  He did a street trial performance during the Edinburgh Festival last month, which I missed unfortunately, and he travels the world performing and seeking new challenges.

Yesterday I read in the (Glasgow) Herald about his trip to San Fransico but I think my favourite clip so far is Way Back Home

where you get to see Danny's skills coupled with the wonderful backdrop of his journey from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye - which makes me want to take the same journey - but only by car or rail thank you very much!

I give you - Danny MacAskill

Are you as impressed by his cycling skills and crazy shenanegans as I am?  (He also comes across as a lovely guy!)


  1. Hello:
    What a delightful and very sincere person. And whilst we should not claim to have any interest in cycling whatsoever, watching these videos has had us absolutely captivated. What extraordinary talent and skill and all carried out with an enormous sense of fun.

    We LOVE the new layout of your blog and the way in which you have displayed your various things in the sidebar. Very, very attractively done and so, so tempting!

  2. he is amazing! he also always has the best songs to his videos. my husband is huge in to that kind of biking and also mountain biking, so he loves his vids :)

  3. Good grief!! My heart was contracting every few seconds watching these. And you're right - what a great trip that would be, from Edinburgh to Skye, something I'd love to do some day. Definitely by car!

  4. Holy crap! he is totally awesome! And clearly also a little nuts ;-) Love it.

  5. ha! your comment on not being able to tell i was pregnant at that brunch was fab! i guess it was a couple months ago. crazy how much changed in the last month!

  6. thanks for the well wishes chica!!!

  7. i hope you are feeling better!? i think my energy is because of the whole 30 diet...but not sure. its interesting to go through so far. i hope you are well. i always love hearing from you! p.s. time to blog again, when i'm the last 4 comments, haha!