Sunday, 26 August 2012

Time stands still for no-one

For the past three months it seems that I have spent too much time  hoping each day, that the following day, would bring our much desired and well deserved summer weather.   Unfortunately, for the most part, my hopes have been in vein.  On the few occasions that we were treated to sunshine and blue skies, we were severly punished with days, sometimes weeks, of rain and cloud.

It has slowly dawned on me that every day of the wishing and hoping has moved us towards the changing season.  Autumn is on its way.  Evidence of this being the berries on the Rowan tree that I pass every day
that seem to have suddenly changed from unripe and very green to luscious bright red;

masses of brambles appearing all over the place (particularly in my poor overgrown and neglected garden borders) making rich pickings for the bramble jelly makers;
little acorns hanging from the oak trees
and - my most favourite sign of the beginning of autumn
- the golden sculptural landscape that has appeared, created by the many circular hay bales.

I think I gave up on summer weeks ago.  Now I am looking forward to autumn, my most favourite of the seasons.  The changing colours of the landscape and most of all the changing light that we are fortunate to witness here in Scotland.
Don't let the rain get you down - there is so much to look forward to. 


  1. You've expressed my feelings about this summer so exactly here! And you're absolutely right about looking forward to the pleasures of autumn now. I love these pics of the small signs of the changing season - and most especially the last one of the hay bales which has such a a wonderful sepia, timeless quality.

  2. Bella, once upon a time I thought that Rowan was the name of a wonderful yarn company, but somehow harbored thought that there just might be something from nature behind that name.

    Eventually, I did realize that nature was indeed behind that brand name, and was happy that the Rowan company chose this image from nature for its name.

    Next step...I eventually hope to actually see, clip a leaf or three from a real rowan. The berries are so beautiful...the company chose a wonderful name.

    As I type this, I am listening to joyous tunes from vintage Notting Hill Carnival via the BBC. Another sign that summer is bidding us adieu.

    Whether or not gardens excelled prior years' harvests, let us celebrate summer 2012, and ... with a bit of a rest, look forward to 2013. Remember that some of us experience the natural garden bounty via the wonderful, if a bit artificial, stands in our cities's farmers markets.

    Meanwhile, the music sounds wonderful!

  3. autumn is my fave fave season :):) (not so much winter though).
    btw, thank you for reminding me of your cards!! I was kind of behind on where to get some and ended up painting my own though (i needed lots for the baby shower thankyous). it turned out ok, ha :) not as pretty as yours!

  4. very true and I just love fall Hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!!

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog and for becoming a follower! I hope you will feel better soon and you'll get to explore!

    Some days ago I unfollowed a number of blogs because blogger wouldn't let me follow more than 300 and yours must have gone by accident; just noticed you weren't on my list. I'm following you back asap! :)