Monday, 6 August 2012

World Pipe Band Championships 2012 and the Pipers' Wellies

Glasgow will once again become the centre of the global piping scene as it hosts Piping Live! Glasgow International Piping Festival  from 6th – 12th August 2012.

Lots going on in George Square and around the City Centre all week.   (See video clip from 2010)

I popped into the shopping marquee this morning and spotted these natty little numbers,

which I thought were hilarious - and practical - for pipers and drummers plodding through muddy fields in our Scottish weather who want to maintain their look.

Modelled by the owner of the company who designed the wellies

With so many outdoor music festivals being hosted in our lovely Scottish summer months - some clever person had the wisdom to jazz up the common old wellie and now you can pay up to and beyond £100 for a funky pair of what is essentially rubber boots with a pattern and a logo on them.


  1. Hello:
    We absolutely love the Pipers' Wellies which could, we feel, given time, become a great 'hit' on the streets of Budapest!!

  2. The Pipers' Wellies are a brilliant idea, once again showing what imagination can produce.

    Over here in NYC, all sorts of colored and patterned wellies have been quite the fashion item for several years now. I am guessing that the Hunter versions in a rainbow of colors and several heights probably are waterproof. I am not quite as sure about some of the very decorative wellie-come-latelies.

    Please do take photos if you see lots of "your" piper wellies on the move, or is it on the squish?


  3. so glad you shared this, those boots are fun :) i have such a boring black pair!

  4. Catching up on not one but two posts! So glad you had a better experience with your lovely creations more recently - it does restore faith that there are still people who appreciate creativity and a personal touch.
    Totally love your banner photo! And the wee chap in George Square at the bottom of your previous post really stole my heart.
    Yes, it is crazy how much some wellies can go for, given as you say that they're just rubber boots in the end. I have some experience of the range in products (and price) through my daughters who see them as an essential fashion item, as well as super-practical in this climate!

  5. Hi Bella I found your blog via Sexta-Feira, and I look forward to keeping up with your posts - the wellies look fab! Yvonne xx