Monday, 20 August 2012

Edinburgh - the Festival City

I took a trip through to Edinburgh at the weekend to catch some of the festival atmosphere of the city at this time of year.  If you don't like crowds of people it would probably be best to avoid the centre of Edinburgh during, virtually, the entire month of August!   The city is over-run with tourists, festival concert and theatre goers, street theatre performers, ticket sellers, crafters, market stall holders, people watchers, chancers, madness, chaos and actually, particularly on a warm sunny day, lots of fun!

In addition to the main Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh hosts the  Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Art Festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and of course the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - all in the month of August!  

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It is a crazy place to be if you need to be somewhere in a hurry, but if you have time to meander at the pace of your own curiosity it is a fun-filled city to visit should you get the opportunity

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- and I would thoroughly recommend it! 


  1. Oh Bella, thank you so much for this post, your words and photos.

    Over twenty years ago, I'd planned an August trip to Scotland, with the Festival right in my focus. And then...a very unwelcome skin cancer diagnosis changed those plans, as I dealt with the required surgery and recovery.

    It's grand to know that the Festival still does have good energy and has not been eaten up by various corporate influences, as many former free wheeling independent events have been.


  2. Hello:
    Edinburgh, what a jewel of a city, and somewhere we seriously thought to live at one time, picturing ourselves in a rather fine, totally unaffordable, Georgian house in New Town. If we recall correctly, we think it was Anne's [or it may have been St.] Grove we fancied.

    But cities which bustle, such as Edinburgh, are always worth a visit and it does, of course, play host to so very many cultural activities.

    We will be away from the computer for some days now but will return anon. So pleased to see the cards being promoted here!!

  3. I love all the craziness and fun of the Fringe. I was there the weekend before you, I think, and saw so much good theatre in a few days, plus great talks at the book festival, and know that I was just scratching the surface of all the offerings - it really is incredible, and one of these years I think I will have to spend the whole month of August there, as my daughter does, to do it justice! Thanks for great pics which really show the festival atmosphere.

  4. I've never been, but I have friends who make the trip every year without fail. Looks like a great time was had! Enjoy your week - Yvonne xx