Sunday, 25 March 2012

Venus, Jupiter and the crest of the Moon

After a warm, dry and sunny Sunday - when closing all my windows around 8.30 pm, which had been thrown open to enjoy the exceptionally warm weather - I caught sight of this:

isn't it amazing?  I don't  know my stars and planets but I believe these are Venus and Jupiter - which I have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks due to clear skies, and tonight they have been joined by the crest of the moon.  Fantastic!  Have you been watching?


  1. Hello Isobel:
    We alas have no knowledge of the stars and their position in the sky but do agree that this is a wonderful photograph and how splendid that you have captured the image almost by chance.

  2. how funny is that - I only had my computer on to look up what the extraordinary planets in the sky tonight - they were paired up with the moon - amazing. Yes they are venus (higher) and jupiter (lower), if you look almost 180 round from them you can see Mars - slightly red even with naked eye, and between mars and jupiter/venus you can just make out Saturn I think a bit lower in the sky (if I read this correctly...
    a really beautiful evening, like summer! Cxx

  3. Yes! The night sky has been especially beautiful the last couple of nights. What an amazing sight!