Monday, 26 March 2012

Venus, Jupiter and the crest of the Moon - 2

As the sun was going down tonight I decided to look out for a repeat performance of last night's image of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.   At 7.30 pm there was a great big beautiful cloud around the area where they had appeared previously

but it was an hour earlier than last night so I blew as hard as I could in the hope that the cloud would move along....

I watched and waited,

then the moon appeared in the top left hand corner of the above pic 

and this was the best image I could get - taken at 8.40 pm.  Note the different position of the Moon from last night's image (previous post) taken 5 minutes earlier.  Someone will know why....!

And that's it for now folks!   Venus, Jupiter and the Moon have had their "last dance" until....... (I have no idea!).

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  1. Hello Isobel:
    Dancing in the we love your waltz of the planets!!

    We have always been entranced by the notion of a light year and how so many things one can see in the night sky may long since have perished but it takes so long for the light to reach us. How small and insignificant we are in this great universe....

  2. hi there, thank you for your comment re my blog.... all seems to be ok. sometimes this happens i've been told by my OH when a page doesn't load correctly, and the page appears in code? lets hope this is what happenned.
    thanks again and beautiful images... i have loved watching the moon , jupiter and venus recently... just magical. best wishes
    ginny sweetmyrtle x