Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lazy Sunday

Listening to Desert Island Discs and laughing with Jackie Mason as I do some ironing - how are you passing Sunday morning?


  1. Hello:
    How very splendid is your new title picture which will, soon, become a relic of the past as, or so we believe, postal rates are set to increase to ridiculous heights with the result that before too long no-one will be able to afford to send a post card, let alone a letter or parcel!!

    We do rather miss Desert Island Discs, along with most of Radio 4, when away from the UK - such is the price of self imposed exile!!

    In answer to your question, we attended church this morning and then went on to idle our time away in our favourite coffee house. And now busy trying to catch up on Le Blog!!

  2. I was giving my garden a haircut :) - although I do like to listen to omnibus archers with a coffee and potter on the internet.. Cxx

  3. So sorry to have missed your month of letters post.
    How big a part of our lives real letters were once!
    Boarding school, Italy, the US --how I used to long and long for the post to come.
    And YOU make such beautiful stationery that would make one write lots and lots.
    All best from NY!

  4. i laid at the beach with husband and 2 dogs...took a nap :)