Monday, 26 March 2012

Venus, Jupiter and the crest of the Moon - 2

As the sun was going down tonight I decided to look out for a repeat performance of last night's image of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.   At 7.30 pm there was a great big beautiful cloud around the area where they had appeared previously

but it was an hour earlier than last night so I blew as hard as I could in the hope that the cloud would move along....

I watched and waited,

then the moon appeared in the top left hand corner of the above pic 

and this was the best image I could get - taken at 8.40 pm.  Note the different position of the Moon from last night's image (previous post) taken 5 minutes earlier.  Someone will know why....!

And that's it for now folks!   Venus, Jupiter and the Moon have had their "last dance" until....... (I have no idea!).

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Venus, Jupiter and the crest of the Moon

After a warm, dry and sunny Sunday - when closing all my windows around 8.30 pm, which had been thrown open to enjoy the exceptionally warm weather - I caught sight of this:

isn't it amazing?  I don't  know my stars and planets but I believe these are Venus and Jupiter - which I have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks due to clear skies, and tonight they have been joined by the crest of the moon.  Fantastic!  Have you been watching?