Friday, 17 February 2012

A month of letters

This month I have been participating in the  "A month of letters" challenge and I am loving it!   I don't normally participate in blog challenges. I get the impression that they take more commitment and effort than I can or am prepared to give to them, so I let them pass me by.  But this challenge was right up my street! For as long as I can remember I have been a letter writer.  It was my love of sending handwritten correspondence that actually led me to begin making my own cards and stationery.   In fact I wrote about this exact topic in my first ever blog post here and then again here.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that I got myself to the Post Office to purchase a supply of postage stamps(£15.00 worth for starters!).  I usually try to purchase interesting stamps for those letters I send overseas but it is becoming more difficult these days as Royal Mail have reduced the selections they produce and have reduced the length of time they hold stocks of special issues at their branches.  Sometimes I will buy the special issue packs in order to get something a bit different - but they can be pretty expensive - and then I am reluctant to use them because they are so nicely presented. In the end they languish in a drawer or I don't remember where I put them! 

I started the challenge - a couple of days late because I only discovered it on 06 February. Coincidentally, I had just posted a letter on 03 February so I had unwittingly got things underway.   I will make up for those lost days by continuing to write daily into the first week in March -  perhaps beyond....   

The idea is that every day except Sundays you post a piece of correspondence - or two - or maybe even three pieces, as I did today!  It is not necessary to write to a different person each time - but that is my plan - although more than one person will receive more than one letter/card/note from me over the course of the month. It's nice to know that unexpected mail will be popping through the letter boxes of some unsuspecting recipients, some of whom I write to regularly, some only occasionally, some very rarely, others I have written to only once before - and the odd two or three that have never received correspondence from me at all - until now!  I get great pleasure from sitting at my usual spot at my kitchen table, in silence, putting down on paper my thoughts and wishes, news and possibly some quips!  It makes me happy to know that I am adding something to someone's day.  It's such a simple way to feel good and to make someone else feel happy in that moment.

Emails, texts, tweets - they are all well and good but a thoughtful, handwritten - hand delivered by the local postie - piece of correspondence is hard to beat don't you think? 

Are you a letter writer?  Did you used to be - and now only communicate electronically?  Fancy taking up the challenge?  Maybe a month of letters is too much to ask but there's nothing to stop you choosing a week or even a day in a month that suits you,  to sit down and write that personal piece correspondence that you always meant to send.

Go on, makes someone's day!