Tuesday, 3 January 2012

When 2012 came storming in!

This time last year the talking point was all about the weather.  Same time this year and the talking point is once again - all about the weather.  

Last year central Scotland had white out conditions with solid ice coated roads and pavements - and although it was horrendous getting around in such conditions - everything looked picture postcard pretty - so there were compensations.

This morning I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of what I thought was the chimney coming off our roof.  After I gave myself a shake - I remembered that we no longer have brick chimneys on our roof! The central belt of Scotland, and in particular our part of the central belt of Scotland, was being battered by high winds and rain - gusts of over 90 miles per hour!   What I had heard was the coping stones on our roof being blown off - gouging a hole in the roof as they made their way - to wherever!  Some have clearly landed in bits on the path in front of our house- others are lodged precariously on the roof beside broken tiles - even more sitting ominously at an angle above where they should be - and the rest I know not where!  We no longer have felt on the roof of our garden shed and our garden fence lies prone on the grass.
Whilst appreciating that the compensation for this year's weather conditions is that, as far as we know, no-one that we know, has been affected -  I am ever hopeful for further compensation from our insurance company.   As I have been sitting for 30 mins at a time trying to make contact with them by telephone I have been pressing some buttons and found this wee girl who, amidst the bedlam, made me laugh:



Hope you are dry, safe and damage free wherever you are hold up! 

Back to manning the phone!

Having revisted the wee songstress on Youtube a number of times since, you might also like to have a peep at her  rendition of "Ye cannie shove yer Granny aff a bus"


Love it!!


  1. The weather is a gift to us this year. Last year I felt like an eskimo from Siberia. Ho HO

  2. Crikey! I heard you had it bad up there and was glad my daughter was safely with us in London where it was very windy but nowhere near as bad as that. Thanks for the link to the little girl on youtube - had to also watch her singing ye canny shove yer granny aff a bus as well after that - both are priceless. Best of luck with the roof!

  3. how did we get one before Youtube?
    a daily savior for sure.
    I've been hearing weather reports on the BEEB of Scotland's white winter
    It's very cold in New York at the moment but nothing compares.
    I do hope it gets better soon.
    thanks for stopping by

  4. Dear Bella was just thinking I'd hadn't heard from you for ages.
    How beautiful your snow looks
    most dramatic account of your storm
    All best wishes for a wonderful 2012.