Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Road to the Isles (6) - Morvern Gallery and the Stones of Callanish

Still on the Isle of Lewis, on the same day as visiting the Blackhouse we managed to fit in a visit to the Morvern Gallery.   The Gallery is a beautifully converted stone byre and coachhouse.  It is bright and airy and on a good day has great  views over the Atlantic from its large picture windows.

I treated myself to this lovely piece of Hebridean basketry.

From there we headed for Callanish and the Standing Stones.  The atmosphere during this visit was very different from our previous visit - not least because we were sharing the space with what appeared to be a camera club outing - and red anoraks were clearly the order of the day!  I did manage to time my picture taking as the anoraks disappeared behind the stones.    But it was a different time of year, a different time of day - just very different. 

Stones erected some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago - simply awe inspiring!

A long and very interesting day.


  1. Really great photos, I feel like I've had a short holiday! what a glorious place!

  2. wow, i want to see those stones, those are amazing!

  3. I confess to complete ignorance of these standing stones - wow! - the thing that strikes me most is how beautiful the setting is, compared to their counterparts at Stonehenge, with a highway roaring right past it. This part of the world looks stunningly beautiful.