Sunday, 29 May 2011

"Doon the Watter" - Dunoon and Benmore Gardens

Last Sunday Suzanne and I, gluttons for punishment that we are, headed "Doon the Watter" to Dunoon in Argyll.   We had committed ourselves to attend a craft event being held as part of Benmore Gardens Open Day and although I didn't have a particularly good feeling about the craft event itself, thought that if nothing else, we'd be in a wonderful location and we could take it in turns to look after each other's table to allow us time to wander and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

What then transpired wouldn't make much of a post.  Suffiice it to say that my uneasy feeling was justified.  When a "craft" event has you placed next to someone who is selling shop bought hair brushes and Avon costmetic products - you just know you're in the wrong place. 

The weather toyed with us the entire day.   When it rained - it was in torrents.  When the sun shone - it was glorious.  When you're in a marquee with wet grass underfoot and gusts of wind blowing giant water drips over your products - hugely frustrating!

However, nothing could take away from the fact that Benmore Gardens, what little we saw of them, is a stunning place.    So much so that we have resolved to make a proper visit over the summer (perhaps expecting summer weather is tad optimistic) but sometime in the next month or two we will take another trip doon the watter and take in the delights of this beautiful place.

In between showers - below is our day in pictures (click on pictures to enlarge). 

Taking the ferry from Gourock - the journey was cold wet and windy - with little to see - simply dreich!

Dunoon in sight and our journey to the gardens

Some pics from the garden - when the sun shone

The beauty that surrounded us

Time to head back to Dunoon to await the ferry.  Bottom right photograph in this goup is Heilin' Mary located at the Pier overlooking the River Clyde and towards her lover Rabbie Burns.

Fantastic Dunoon Ferry Terminal

When the weather is kind to you - the views!

Looking back on it a week later, it looks like a pretty good day out actually!


  1. Hello Isobel:
    The highs and lows of a day certainly seem to have experienced them all in the 24 hours.

    Although we felt rather naughty, we really laughed about the 'craft event'. We could just picture the scene which reminded us of a book signing we once did in a shed in the middle of nowhere near to the Austrian border, our feet standing in water and electricity cables all around.....don't ask!! At least we and you have all thankfully lived to tell the tale.

    The countryside around Dunoon and the Benmore Gardens look to be most striking. Our knowledge of Scotland is woefully limited and we really must investigate further one day. Certainly, it all looks well worth a future foray 'doon the watter' when the sun is shining.

  2. Golly, the weather looks mean and moody on your ferry ride! Dunoon and the gardens are gorgeous, though - your pics look fantastic enlarged. And now I've learned about heilin' Mary and what 'dreich' weather means (looked it up - pretty useful for grim English weather too!) :)

  3. At least we can have a good laugh about it now (insert sound of laughter mixed with tears of anguish) I agree - at least we know we want to go back as 'tourists' - looking forward to it - fingers crossed for better weatherxx