Friday, 29 April 2011

Will and Kate - Wedding day giveaway

Time to give you a temporary break from the Road to the Isles tales. 

I was in the Post Office purchasing some postage stamps recently and saw these for sale -

and decided to buy them for anyone who is interested in receiving a Will and Kate's Commemorative Royal Wedding keepsake.

If you would like the opportunity to own these commemorative stamps - issued by the Royal Mail - please leave a comment to that effect and I will select the lucky recipient.

If this isn't your thing, and if you haven't already seen it, why not check out T-Mobile's latest spoof advert - of the Royal Wedding - and see if you recognise any of the look-a-likes!  Made me laugh! 


  1. Hello:
    Whilst the real wedding is not our sort of thing at all, we have delighted in seeing, again, the T-Mobile take on it having watched it on another blog this morning. And that is as close as we have come to the whole day's events so, most likely, we are undeserving of your generous 'give away' which should probably go to some true Royalist.

    Have a very happy weekend.

  2. I watched it and thought Kate rocked that Grace Kelly dress. I would love the stamps as I would love to give them to my almost 3 year son (when he`s much older)to say sorry for dispatching him off with his father this morning so that I could have peace to watch the whole thing!

  3. I watched the wedding repeatedly today but this was the number one BEST! Thank you for that!Camilla looks better in this version- her plastic surgeon should be thrown into the Thames!

  4. That video was fantastic. I'm not sure why we are so facinated withthe Royals, but they do keep things interesting. Sure, enter me in the contest for the stamps. My friend Elizabeth, a British transplant, got me the mugs from the Diana & Charles' wedding. May this will complete a set? Thanks Lori great post!

  5. I did see that somewhere!! that video is so so funny! (and don't worry, i would't skip out on the blog w/o an explanation, haha :)

  6. oh my gosh, your running story was not good!! that is NOT the way to start a day!

  7. Hilarious! Having been out of the country in the run up to the wedding I had not seen this - thanks for the link and the laugh :))