Saturday, 16 April 2011

"Unite, inspire and champion Scottish craft"

By chance I happened upon the opening of the Crafts Scotland exhibition last night in the Collins Gallery close to Glasgow's City Centre. I hadn't planned to attend but as I was in the area how could I resist. I thought I would stay for half an hour or so but in the end I stayed until closing - (well you know how it is, you get caught up in things and when you get the opportunity to chat and listen to the makers, it is hard to leave!).

I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of talent that is across this land - of highly skilled people making - by hand and their own design - products that would knock your socks off! A common theme discussed last night was how do makers get their products a) recognised b) valued and, most importantly, c) sold! It seems that whatever level of making you are at, it is seldom easy.

Below are just few of my favourite exhibits:

I had a long and interesting chat with Pascal from "All About Willow" who grow the willow they use for their baskets

I like their little willow business cards:

Have a look here to see how their willow is grown at All About Willow and its beautiful natural colour variations.

Ceramicist Wendy Kershaw's exhibition was my absolute favourite:

I particularly loved these little porcelain books

with their moveable pages.

Not that I touched them, tempted as I was, but I was surprised that some people did. (At £800 per piece I hardly dared!)

The faces in her framed ceramic panels are (partly?)made up of cut-up photographs of family members, one of which has turned Wendy's nephew into a girl. He has yet to see his transformation apparently!

This one I particularly liked because of her floral blouse.

However, this may be one of the last few exhibitions to take place at the Collins Gallery as it's position is "out for consultation" and the gallery is seriously facing its demise. Such a shame as it is a little gem but not necessarily appreciated as such.

So if you're interested, get yourself to the Collins soon as who knows for how much longer it will exist!


  1. thanks for posting about this Bel, I'd like to get along before it finishes x

  2. What a lovely exhibition! I will be hotfooting it down there asap! If I'm not istaken there is a pic of some All About Willow products. I have only recently discovered the Collins - sincerely hope that it is not closed down - it is a gem as you sayx

  3. Oh my goodness I knew Wendy at college! Wonderful to see her latest work.

  4. wowwww there seems to be a ton of talent there!!!

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