Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Road to the Isles (4) - Isle of Lewis

We took to the road again - our aim for the day was to head for Port Ness on the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly point in the Outer Hebrides. The weather forecast had been for white cloud - we'd cope with that.

Dramatic scenery unfolded as we drove

and sure enough, white cloud

covered the top of the hills.

White wooly creatures casually lazed

wherever the mood took them

and this little guy, was completely unphased by the hulking piece of metal that came trundling towards him -

so we drove around him!

Some more lovely scenery

By the time we arrived in Port Ness the mist had descended - but you get the picture!

Cute wee gallery close by

Ness Post Office - seriously cute wee post office that has graced many a postcard.


  1. Hello:
    The scenery, as you show in these lovely images, is so very dramatic and unspoilt. We love the idea of these isolated communities far from the 'madding crowd'.

    Such fun to have recalled your visit in the sand, probably already washed away by the incoming tide! The post office is, of course, very sweet and makes an excellent picture.

  2. WOW!!! It's totally beautiful with the mist and clouds!! I hope it's like that when i'm there!!!

  3. Lovely photos, I can feel the peace! Thanks for your card, its great. I've linked you from my blog so hope thats ok. Best wishes, Debs x

  4. This scenery is breathtaking - I'm having such a good time clicking on your pictures to enlarge them! And now I see the origin of your fabulous post office pic too ...