Saturday, 23 April 2011

Road to the Isles (2)

We continued to travel north and I continued to click my camera. Many of my photographs were taken as we drove,

so to further enhance them,

some cropping was required.

One beautiful scene



Until we arrived at Eilean Donan Castle.

Alas no time to visit

but we did have time to stop for some pics.

Before long we had crossed the Skye Bridge and were on the Isle of Skye.

In the distance, and through the mist, as we drove I managed to catch a photograph of the Old Man of Storr.

After stopping in Portree for a tasty bite in Cafe Arriba
We finally arrived in Uig -

where we boarded the ferry and set sail for the Isle of Harris - the land of the Tweed!

The crossing was "bracing" to say the least but it was good to get the wind in the hair. Quite a contrast to the light fantastic that had kept us entertained during our last voyage.

In less than 2 hours we had arrived! Phew! Thanks Suz!


  1. Amazing photos of a place that I would love to visit. Send maps! Great job and the castle. Wow!!!! Happy Easter too. Cheers Lori

  2. Wonderful pictures! Have fun!
    Happy Easter,


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  3. I am going there in August, this has made me so excited!

  4. Wow Is - 2 mammoth posts in 2 days! I had forgotten how much we had packed in on the drive up. I think the pics are great considering we didn't have time to stop anywhere really! I like the Eilean Donan pic taken from the other side - great perspective. And some beautiful landscapes - the letterbox cropping works well. Happy Easterx

  5. What a stunning trip
    what wonderful landscape photos!

  6. Hello:
    We have so enjoyed our Highland tour with you, even if it has only been a virtual one. We have great friends who live in the Borderlands but have never ventured so far north. Clearly we have been missing so very many treats.

    The Castle, almost cut off it appears apart from the tenuous link of the stone bridge, is so wonderfully atmospheric.

    We have found you via a most circuitous route [almost as winding as the car drive] but are so pleased to have arrived. We are Followers.

  7. Bella, your photos are absolutely incredible. You've captured that moody light and muted tones to perfection. The light and tones remind me of Finland and Lapland, but the landscapes you show here are unique. I would like to blow up these images and hang them somewhere I could always see them. And you've so inspired me to visit this part of the world.