Friday, 28 January 2011

Monte Carlo or bust - from Glasgow with love

There was a bit of a buzz in Glasgow city centre yesterday. Glasgow had been chosen as one of the official European starting points for the world famous Monte Carlo Car Rally in its 100th year, alongside Marrakesh, Warsaw, Barcelona and Reims.

Competitors from four continents descended upon Glasgow to begin their 2000 mile journey to Monte Carlo from Blythswood Square. Back in the day this was an annual occurrence in Glasgow but it seems through lack of enthusiasm from the drivers it lost its lustre and the last time the event was hosted here was in 1973.

I'm no classic car expert (or any car for that matter) but I like anything that puts Glasgow on the big stage, that shows the city in a positive light. At lunch time I nipped down to George Square, before the hoards of office workers descended, to take some pics of some of the cars that were on display there before the start of the race at 6.30 that night.

You might even spot an old car of yours!

If you click on the above pic you will see the name of one particular driver!

If I undetstand it correctly, according to some fellow spectators, it would take 2 days to get to Monte Carlo. Cars set off from Glasgow within a minute of each other and in order to win the Monte Carlo Rally they need to get to various stages of the route by driving at a given speed, and by a certain time, with the fewest penalty points for not obeying the rules (ie driving faster than the set speed and arriving before time set). The aim is not to be the fastest car to arrive at the finish in Monte Carlo but to be the car that finishes first with the lowest penalty points - I think! I'm sure you'll find out the correct rules on the internet - I have just put together a number of conversations with various strangers!


  1. I don't know what make of car I'm looking at in the seventh picture down, but I think I'm a little bit in love with it! Hi Bella - just found your blog via Frances in New York (City Views...). I love your photos of the Clyde in snow. I live near London, but since my daughter started at Edinburgh university, I'm developing a love affair with Scotland and will definitely return to your blog.
    Best wishes

  2. Dear Bella, I signed on to follow your blog and linked it with the Jarvis House blog. My son is a notor head and a car mechanic. Years ago when he was in high school, I allowed him and a friend to take two Mustangs down to the frame in my driveway. It took all year to rebuild them but they both drove them away after that. A passion should be encouraged!