Friday, 14 January 2011

Flying high - lying low

Great start to the new year! I have been lying low with a rotten virus since last week. During those days the computer became my faithful companion when the long nights became days and days nights. When I had little energy to do much else "PC" was there for me.

During the small sleepless hours of the night I visited various parts of the world and at one point I decided that I could benefit from a couple of days convalescence. Somewhere tranquil that I could go to that would lift my spirits and warm my aching bones. So I took myself off on a (blog)holiday - I revisited the Isle of Harris. I remembered, I smiled and oh how I wished…..! But it was great to go back to see some of the places I had visited to enjoy the beauty and the spleandour of that far away island and I wondered what had become of some of the faces I had met during my first visit there – in particular, Robin, and what decisions she had made about whether or not to stay in that remote place having moved all the way there from the USA.

Though only a brief visit I left feeling happy and uplifted.

I also thought I would benefit from some time recuperating on the Isle of Barra – where I had visited last year with some friends when each of us in need of some rest and relaxation, decided we wanted to stay somewhere in the wilds, had to have a coal fire, and accessible by public transport. We had done the research and had decided to travel to Oban from Glasgow by train (takes around 3 hours) and then from Oban to Barra by ferry (takes around 5 hours) and then we’d get ourselves around the island by bus or by the generosity of the occasional kindly motorist! Then we changed our plans!

Much as we looked forward to our long and scenic journey we decided to add to our experience by flying in a 14-seater plane to Barra from Glasgow (takes around one hour!). There was the possibility (on a clear day) to see Scotland from the sky plus we’d have the exhilarating experience of landing on Barra's famous airport beach. Barra’s airport is the only beach airport in the world which is used by scheduled airlines and where your landing and take off times are dictated by the times of the tide – quite literally!

So there was I, keen for another island hopping (blog)holiday, when I realised that I hadn’t actually blogged about it at all! Oh, no...! I always meant to!

So after that disappointent I have decided to fly back to Barra today. Fancy coming along? Right we're off...!
Very trusting pilots left the flight deck door open so we could see the way ahead.

Did you enjoy the flight? Pretty impressive airport don't you think? And by far the best landing ever....!

I did enjoy taking the flight again but now but I am too tired, after uploading the journey, to revisit Barra today.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on this excursion as well as on your other outings in Glasgow. I'm working on an essay about the predilection for tales of journies to "other lands" (fairie lands) in the folklore of Scotland, and your "out and abouts" help me to appreciate the aesthetic that frames these tales. I will gladly cite your blog when I post my bit on

    Thanks again.

  2. hope you continue to feel better as the days pass; don't go over doing it, virtuel travel can also be exhausting. great images and i laughed aloud when i came to the baggage handling beach affair!...

  3. Pretty wonderful!
    I love flying but need a few tranqullizers before we go aloft.....

    What a change from skyscrapers!

    Do hope you feel better?
    Husband has shingles and is miserable as hell......
    better health to all, I say

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