Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Down by the riverside...

Last week I took a slight detour into work. Instead of walking along Argyle Street in Glasgow, made up of shops and concrete, I decided to walk along Clyde Street as the sun was coming up and the biting frost was hanging in the air - to enjoy the effect of the frost and the light on this part of the Clyde. It looked beautiful!

As people scurried to work, wrapped up against the elements and simply too cold to notice, I took great pleasure from the clarity and beauty of nature's gift. Invigorated - a very pleasant start to any day!

Then a ball of fire to end the day.

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  1. Hi Isobel - merry christmas! these are GREAT photos in your last posts - I've never seen that statue before either. Doesn't everything look great in frosty white - and I love the G Sq photos - so atmospheric.. have a couple I am going to send you! Cx