Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy Hogmanay!

The clock is ticking and in just under an hour a new year will be upon us. This has been an unusual build-up to Hogmanay for me but nevertheless I have enjoyed these last few days. I do enjoy the days in between Christmas and Ner'day. If you are fortunate enough to be on holiday from work (as I am), these days allow you to regroup and relax.

Yesterday I spent the day baking traditional sultana cakes and for the first time in years I made a clootie dumpling! I didn't have Granny's recipe so I cobbled together my own version from a few recipes on the web. Trying to remove the dumpling from the cloot nearly ended in disaster but I managed to salvage enough for it to, once sliced, resemble real clootie dumpling!

Today I travelled through Glasgow to deliver some of my efforts. The City Centre was reasonably busy - in a calm sort of way if that makes sense. The atmosphere was so much less frenetic than Christmas - but there was an excited sense of anticipation of the celebrations to come. George Square had taken on a new look as it was closed off to the public in preparation of the Hogmanay Hoolie that will take place there (if it hasn't already started by now). The rehearsals were underway and the facitilies were being installed. I almost wished I could be a part of it - and then I remembered - It's December! It's outside! and I'm passed it!!

So far my choice of Hogmany TV viewing has been Jools' Annual Hootenanny or Remembering Gerard Kelly! Hmmn... I think I'll give BBC Alba a go - live from South Uist - I know someone who is working on the programme. (Just had a quick peek - looks pretty dire...!)

Night, night!

All the best and all the rest for a great New Year!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Down by the riverside...

Last week I took a slight detour into work. Instead of walking along Argyle Street in Glasgow, made up of shops and concrete, I decided to walk along Clyde Street as the sun was coming up and the biting frost was hanging in the air - to enjoy the effect of the frost and the light on this part of the Clyde. It looked beautiful!

As people scurried to work, wrapped up against the elements and simply too cold to notice, I took great pleasure from the clarity and beauty of nature's gift. Invigorated - a very pleasant start to any day!

Then a ball of fire to end the day.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

That was the week that was!

Out of the chaos - beauty!

Same spot photographed 3 days later!