Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tea rooms and days out

I have visited a few tea rooms this year and one of my favourites is definitely a gorgeous wee tearoom called "The Library" in Balquhidder. I went there in June this year and loved it so was delighted to have the opportunity to visit again the weekend before last, with Suzanne and Caireen. We had decided to get together for a day out and a bit of a blether. We met up in Callander and then headed for Balquhidder for some lunch, perhaps a walk, in this lovely corner of the world.

The Library is one of those little places that is either a lucky find you stumple upon when out for a drive, and which could be very easily missed, or you know exactly where it is and head straight for it.

From the outside it is so cute and inviting and its blueness emphasises its cuteness. On the inside it is rustic and charming. The odd tables and chairs (maximum of 6), vintage crockery and random embroidered tablecloths add to the charm of this tiny little space. Each time I have visited I have visualised setting up my own little craft shop there - but then not really convinced it would be much of a hit with the many cyclists who stop by who are more interested in its refreshments and freshening up facilities!

When I was there earlier in the year I came across this wee chappie - a travelling poet who just seemed to wander around the area spreading words of peace and harmony. He made me smile.

On our way to Balquhidder I had spoken of him to Suzanne and Caireen so imagine my delight when we came across him again during the latest visit, once more espousing his poetic words. He made smile me again.

Clearly a bit of a feature in them there parts!

After lunch we wandered up a path which led us to Balquidder Church and to the resting place (or so legend has it) of Rob Roy MacGregor

The inscription on the headstone at the graveside says "MacGregor despite them"!

Suzanne and Caireen stopped a while on the steps of the church to absorb some of the sun's rays and have a bit of a blether. I wandered off with my camera and the results are below.

A beautiful early autumn day in beautiful surroundings - what better way to pass a Sunday.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Time for a blog...

It's been a while since I blogged and July seems so long ago. Before I disappear again to do some serious Christmas crafting I thought I should take some time to pen(key) a few lines. I am not keen on blogging just for blogging's sake, and I really don't lead such an interesting life that I have enough to write on a more regular basis, but I have been here and there over the past months and I have taken many, many photographs - which remain in my camera - so I plan to pull some of them out and blog about them here over the next week or so.

Today as I looked out of my office window I gazed at the seasonal colour changes that are taking place in the gardens below and at the beautiful blue sky above, on this mild, breezy, beautiful, sunny, autumn day. I grabbed my camera and headed into the gardens to take in some fresh air and enjoy some peace and quite for a while.

Here's some pics from my brief visit:

Autumn is my favourite season of the year and October my favourite month - easy to see why.

I am lucky to have gardens on either side of my office - nice to have some green space in the centre of town.