Monday, 19 July 2010

Berry generous blackcurrant bush!

I took some extra days holiday last week to add to the two annual 'Glasgow Fair' public holidays, with the intention of passing the time attending a craft fair in St Andrews, crafting, berry picking and jam making.

The craft fair in St Andrews was not quite a dead loss because it was in a lovely venue (St Andrews Public Hall) and I do enjoy attending fairs as a stallholder able to meet and chat to other stallholders, but despite the scene being set it was pretty much a dead loss given the lack of visitors and lacklustre atmosphere - sound familiar?!

I had pencilled in 'Fair Monday' - today - (when will I learn!) for some berry picking but typically my plans have been thwarted by the vagaries of our lovely Scottish climate. As I type I hear the sound of the rain bouncing off the velux window above, which has pretty much been the case for most of the day - simply dreich!

Today I am also nursing a sore/grazed and bruised arm and leg as yesterday I ventured into our garden and managed to stand on a weak spot of a 2ft high stone wall and brought part of it tumbling down on my leg, grazing my arm as I tried to break my fall - ouch!

However, before my calamity I had managed to garner a healthy bowl of blackcurrants from my very generous little blackcurrant bush - and I have recovered sufficiently - to be able to allow me make the best of my day by making what jam I can from these lovely berries

and dream of times past when I picked these lovely berries

to make this little lot

Happy Monday - and fingers crossed I will manage to get berry picking before the crop is spoiled!

Holiday, what holiday?! I think I'd rather be at work!