Monday, 15 March 2010

Crafting lethargy

Here we are almost mid way through March already and I have nothing (zero!) to show for it on the crafting front. I have had little enthusiasm for crafting since the turn of the year and that is v unlike me - can't quite put my finger on the reason(s) why. Could it be that the loss of my constant companion as I worked into the wee sma' oors, my trusty Roberts RD76, which has been gone for repair since January, might have something to do with it? Might it be that I need a break, a wee holiday, to finally throw off this eternal winter - to return invigorated and full of crafting purpose?

I'll find out soon because I finally picked up my much missed radio today and I head off for a week on Barra on Saturday - I am thrilled! Very excited at the prospect of flying up to Barra and landing on the famous Isle of Barra beach - seemed like a good idea at the time! Fingers crossed for a clear day; hoping for a pretty special experience and a not too bumpy landing!!

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