Sunday, 14 February 2010

Harris road trip with FiELDy - 6

After a very interesting day we passed the tranquil and idyllic setting of Luskentyre Cemetry and finally made it to the gem that is Luskentyre Beach - and what a treat it was! White sand, clear aqua coloured water, stunning scenery, dry and sunny with evidence of no more than around six people - and a couple of dogs - such bliss! I had heard of this beach; I had seen photographs of it but to actually be there experiencing it was just the best feeling ever - Wow!

What do you think?

And so the sun went down on our last night on the beautiful Isle of Harris - what better way to end our stay - I feel very lucky!


  1. those colours are heavenly - image no.7 really looks ethereal, the light is so pure! Cx

  2. stunning photos. looks as if you had a super much to see!! really want to visit harris...maybe this summer?!x x

  3. A great trip down memory lane - it really is a stunning place!

  4. Stunning photos! Can't wait to go to Harris. We were meant to go two years ago but found the ferry fare prohibitive. Hopefully soon : )I've seen and admired and been inspired by so many photos of Harris beaches on Flickr that I feel I've been there already. I'm sure it will indeed be the best feeling ever to actually BE there.