Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"Stunning" is in the eye of the beholder!

Last Sunday I was invited out for lunch and the choice of where we went was up to me. As it was such a beautiful day we were going to make the most of it - a nice drive, stop for some pics, have lunch, drive some more, take more pics - at a nice leisurely pace. For lunch I fancied a hearty bowl of soup, nice sandwich and some home baking. I had a vision in my head of where I wanted it from - a nice tearoom, somewhere nice - homely, warm, picturesque and in nice surroundings - you get the picture? ("Nice" being very important!)

I searched the web for some guidance in the Stirlingshire area and I found The Tea Room, on the Visit Scotland website, which was also recommended here. A lovely little tea room with "stunning" views of Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument - that'll do for me!

So off we went taking in some beautiful scenery

stopping to take some pics

and to feed some coos.

Having no idea where this place was we made enquiries at the Tourist Information Office in Stirling. We followed their directions as best we could and ended up in an industrial estate! Then an area full of car dealerships and eventually had to telephone the folk at The Tea Room for directions, which strangely, led us into a small housing estate and to the "stunning" views of the castle.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the "stunning" views of the castle are shared with views of the most grotesque cement factory or some such?!

Is it me or was I right to be rendered almost speechless!?

Feeling just a bit misled and let down - lunch was cancelled! We turned on our heels and left - disgusted! Instead we headed for the Wallace Monument, climbed all 246 steps to the top, took in the views of the Castle and beyond -

shared the space with a group of very excited and very loud Italian students,

the Ochil Hills

Oh, and "stunning" views of the cement works! (I think the houses to the left of it are part of the housing estate in which The Tearoom is located - very odd!)

A lovely day out nonetheless!

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  1. What gorgeous crisp springlike skies!!!fab photos- shame about the industrial influence! xx