Sunday, 20 December 2009

Let it snow....

Whilst much of the country has been buried in snow this week we managed to avoid it, until this morning, when we awoke to only a light covering of it - thank goodness! Before long the sun came out and began to melt what snow we did get, so before it was completely gone I quickly took some pics.

There are still quite a number of apples hanging on my old tree today; they looked nice with their little white hats - snow-capped and sun-kissed!

Much as it is pretty to look at, I never have been a huge fan of snow, so with any luck by tomorrow it will have gone!


  1. No snow would mean you wouldnt be able to take such beautiful pictures Is! Have a fantastic Christmas and see you in the new year. L xx

  2. Gorgeous photos.... Christmas Cards next year perhaps!? x