Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ambitions v capabilities.....!

I have been attending craft fairs for a number of years, to varying degrees of success. At the end of last year I made the decision to drop some craft fairs and to be more selective in 2009 about which ones I attend. In the coming 4 weeks I will be attending two of the largest craft fairs I have ever attempted - the Ayr Flower Show, which is over 3 days in August and the Edinburgh Festival's West End Arts and Craft Fair, 10 days later, lasting 7 days! Plus, I am going to sneak in the Scarecrow Festival in West Kilbride this coming weekend (which could be a big mistake!). I had booked the Ayr Flower Show some time ago, which I'm quite relaxed about but I only enquired about the WE Fair about 4 weeks ago as a last minute thought- and to my surprise and delight I was accepted!

Eeek! I'm beginning to have a wobble that perhaps I am being seriously over-ambitious. (Perhaps?!!)

All too often do I get my ambitions and capabilities confused! However, venue payments have been made and cheques banked so I just have to run with my decisions and give it my best!

For the last 3 days I have been working my little fingers to the bone. Apart from the occasional wander into the garden I have barely moved from my house. Last week I picked up this pine shelving unit from a charity shop in town for £10:

and spent Thursday sanding and painting it. I meant to take a 'before' pic of the unit but you can see by the drawer what the original colour was.

I removed the black metal drawer handle it had and replaced it with this lovely little ceramic handle - one of around 6 that I removed from a chest of drawers that was going to the dump.

"Et Voila"! Looks great doesn't it?

I hope to be able to use the unit for displaying some of my crafty bits. Now I have to decide what I am going to make to display on it and how many of each!

How long do I have?("Ambitions v capabilities!")


  1. great work on the little cabinet - looks really good! good luck with all your fairs... I am intrigued by the scarecrow one, as there are a couple of topnotch crafters in WKilbride could be fun - good luck and look forward to hearing reports back! cx

  2. The cabinet looks lovely and the ceramic handle - with the posy of blue flowers - helps transform it into a desirable piece of furniture. Clever you. Good luck with the forthcoming fairs. BFN. Lesley

  3. Och you'll be fine! Great little makeover will be perfect for displaying any thing you make.