Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nature's wonder

I returned from a week's holiday in Switzerland at the weekend and since I have been home I have been busy cardmaking for Glasgow's West End Festival this coming weekend - so too busy to blog about my trip this week - though I would like to at some point. However, I just had to share these pics with someone - they are much too amazing to stay in my camera until.... whenever!

On Saturday I travelled to Glasgow from Zurich via Amsterdam. As I boarded the Amsterdam flight the sun was beginning to go down. By the time we were in the air I was on the wrong side of the plane to be able to witness the orange glow on the opposite side from me. Travellers on the 'good' side of the plane didn't seem to be aware, or care too much, about what was going on outside, which was frustrating for me (I am constantly enthralled and entertained by the sky's performances). Some of them closed their little window blinds to shut out the light, to snuggle down for a snooze, or to read their books and magazines. I was desperate to see what was going on but it just wasn't possible - until around 30 mins or so later - when this is what emerged on my side of the plane. The colours and shapes that unfolded as we made our way across the sky, were mesmerizing, and the feeling of serenity and stillness, and being above and amongst these strange but beautifully shaped clouds and colours, was like nothing I have ever experienced before. We travelled with these views for quite some time. For each mile travelled the colours, shapes and textures calmly performed - I was in heaven (well almost!). It was an unforgettable journey, the images are fixed in my mind!

Travelling at great speed and photographing through tiny and not very clean windows, not a great combination - but I am very pleased with the pics I managed to get.