Friday, 22 May 2009

Random pics, rambling thoughts...

This blog doesn't have any particular theme - it's just somewhere for me to record some of today's random thoughts and pics.
I am constantly having conversations with myself - random, disjointed, involuntary, insignifcant thoughts, that are seldom shared - not because I am poor me - but because they are in my head and usually only there when there's no-one around to distract them. Most people have random musings, don't they?!

Before heading off this morning I took some pics of flowers in my garden.

I didn't make it to any bluebell woods this year so have to make do with my tiny group of "pink"bells - where they came from I have no idea!

Here is a pic of my beautiful white Azalea, which if not photographed for another day or so, would probably not look as good, as most of the flowers are already out and any time now they will begin to turn brown at the edges and fall off.

Lovely as they are, Azaleas are too short lived for my liking!

And here is some Borage. The flowers are also star shaped and a beautiful vibrant blue. Borage self seeds quite freely and you either love it as a plant or hate it. I like it's straggly appearance and if supported well can look really nice. The seeds are also very easy to harvest.

And finally, my growing herb seedlings ready for transplanting.

This morning my day started a bit later than normal. It was a lovely crisp, dry and sunny morning and as I walked along the road, I knew I wanted to be heading anywhere but to work.

I quite happily walk the same road each morning - the sights and sounds are similar at the same time each day, so much so that I hardly notice. But this morning as I leisurely made my way along this well worn path I was aware that there was less traffic. I decided that the drivers and passengers had obviously got to where they needed to be by that time or perhaps were even on holiday as part of the bank holiday weekend. Fewer people were around on foot - perhaps the children were already at their school desks, or school was also on holiday because of the bank holiday weekend. However, with fewer distractions, I was much more aware of the moment as I made my way. Aware of the two pretty but quite different gardens sitting side by side, separated only by a small hedge - one pretty unkempt and interesting and the other beautifully manicured and coiffed; the hum of the bees in the bushes; the twittering of the birds as they called to each other; the stillness of the clouds in the blue sky and the sound of my footsteps - and my increasing awareness of the flapping left foot I seem to have developed! This flapping foot is obvious to no-one but me, and has been around for a couple of years or so. In fact it rarely registers with me - until I am open to the sound of it and then, once I am aware of it, it is all that I hear. It takes over! No matter how I try to disguise it, speed up or slow down my steps - it is there - and all hitherto sights and sounds of loveliness are drowned out and my moment of being lost in my thoughts are flapped away, as I am brought back to reality, and find myself on the platform, awaiting my train to work, to continue my day as normal.

It was pretty good day actually - hope yours was too!


  1. Also, like you am often to be found having conversations with myself, unfortunately out loud - I pretend to be talking to the dog! BFN.


  2. I have never seen pink bluebells before! They look so pretty and delicate! It’s lovely when your garden is in full bloom! Hope your well. Rx