Saturday, 2 May 2009

Architecture for the head

Since I started using pocket digital cameras I have taken hundreds of random photographs which, unlike those I used to take with my SLR cameras, remain on my memory cards or on my computer, undeveloped and rarely seen by anyone. From time to time I plan to put a selection of those photographs on my blog, some taken over the last couple of years or more but nevertheless still worth a look I think.

I visited The Collins Gallery in Glasgow in March this year to see an exhibition by the International Feltmakers' Association

"One exhibition is of felt headgear by association members, Crowning Glory: Architecture For The Head. Among its 34 hats - some pretty exotic - from Britain, the USA, Finland, Norway, Japan and Russia are pieces by Scotland's Liz Brown, Jeanette Sendler, Jennie Loudon and Eva Kuniczak."

"The other is a selection of 76 items from Mary Burkett's own collection of historic and contemporary feltmaking. It includes 14 pieces by Cowern, and also work from many parts of the world: A spiral wall hanging from Kazakhstan; a panel of two camels and a rider from Mongolia; prayer mat from Turkey; figures in traditional costume from Poland; peacock rug from India; orchids from Russia; a piece from Korea entitled Spirals."

Some of the exibits that were on display:


There's another felt show coming up in the autumn in the Collins Gallery if you're interested and you can get there Suzanne and Lynne.


  1. Oh wish I had been able to get to that.
    I have just taken up felting too although a LOOOONG way from these pieces have enjoyed what I have done (have blogged about it too if you ever have two mins to take a look).

  2. Thanks for the tip - will try to get therex

  3. I went to the collins gallery on Sunday for first time in ages, Isobel! Unfortunately it was shut, so just looked through the window! but they do have some really good crafty type exhibitions don't they? Cx