Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Happy days.....

This year the Easter (4-day)
holiday weekend was just perfect. Clear sunny days, beautiful blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and time given over to catching up with gardening, walking, talking, lunching, photographing, crafting, writing and cooking - just grand!
Friday, I spent in the garden all day. Having only gone out to check on some recently planted fruit bushes, I ended up working in the garden from 9.00 am until 6.30 pm with only a couple of breaks for lunch etc. I lifted and laid, seeded and weeded, split and moved, dug and planted (puffed and panted!) and when I was able to stand upright after my back-breaking toil, I felt incredibly satisfied with the outcome. The grass having been cut earlier in the week means that I now have a back garden waiting to burst into bloom. The garden has never been as organised this early in the year; weather conditions, time and inclination rarely arrive at the same time! As I sat back to admire my work, the incredible sky above foretold of another beautiful day ahead.

Saturday arrived and as promised the night before, the sky was once again blue but the cloud formation quite different. Having no particular plans I was delighted when invited out for lunch and perhaps some walking.

First stop was lunch and some chat, and this is the view we digested whilst we ate. We spent quite a bit of time over lunch, which meant the walk was shorter than intended, though still very worthwhile. As we were already nearby we drove to Ardinning Wildlife Reserve (it's also only a short distance from Glasgow).

Looking north towards Ben Lomond (centre) the views were amazing. To think that in my younger, leaner and fitter days I could be found eating my lunch atop, still amazes me!

On our way back to the car we spotted a couple of swans in the Loch but it was clear that we were definitely univited guests, as Mr Swan made it his business to (we think) protect Mrs Swan who was either building her nest or tending her babies by coming closer and closer to where we stood - at the edge of the loch armed with binoculars and cameras!

Being too much of a townie, and a bit of a coward, I made the decision it was time for us to leave as I wasn't exactly sure what was on his mind!
Back home, the evening was filled with more chat, lots of laughter and of course - more food! A really lovely, easy day!

Sunday, once again, was sunny and inviting but I decided to spend it crafting and catching up with correspondence, and some cooking. On Monday I did a bit of Spring cleaning; sifting through some unwanted items to donate to the local Scout jumble sale for this coming weekend - seems like I always create more chaos than I clear!

However, a very satisfying weekend break from work and all for the cost of a lunch!

As this is only my second blog post ever, and it has taken quite a bit of time and little know how to put together, I guess I should apologise in advance, as I have no idea how/if the photographs will work. Hopefully though, they will give you an idea of how amazing Scotland is.


  1. I give in! I have tried and tried to edit this blog to no avail. Sorry for untidy layout. BB

  2. Doesn't matter about the layout, it's what you write that counts! Glad you had such a lovely Easter weekend - very satisfying! Lx

  3. Well done Bella - keep it up!

  4. Sounds like the perfect Easter break - glad ytou were able to take advantage of the great weather!

  5. Beautiful photos BB. As a Scottish resident too (Argyll) I too appreciated the fabulous Easter weather.